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Mozart String Quartet

This classical string quartet, which performs in historical Mozart costumes, has become an insider tip for lovers of Viennese chamber music and is particularly popular with tourists.

The four experienced chamber musicians are masters of their field and perform both together and as soloists. They have played numerous concerts and tours in almost all European countries, in Japan and in South America.




The Mozart String Quartet brings the most beautiful works of Viennese classic to life in all their nuances and, with its flawless sound design, ensures an electrifying experience. With playful grace and light-footed figuration, the ensemble plays a program with string quartets by Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The repertoire of the Mozart String Quartet also includes Viennese waltzes, operettas and Viennese songs.



The classical line-up of the Mozart String Quartet consists of two violins, a viola and a cello. The instrumentation is changeable on request and can be reduced to a trio or expanded to a quintet or a larger string ensemble.




The musicians' references include a wide variety of orchestras, international concerts and tours, as well as company parties and galas.

Performance locations | possible fields


Performance options include amongst others classical concerts, operas, musicals, balls, galas, weddings, corporate events, wine tasting and “Best of Austria” shows, which are particularly popular with tourists.

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