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Baroque Ensemble

For lovers of baroque music, we offer an exceptional baroque ensemble which performs in baroque costumes.


The repertoire includes minuets or baroque pieces of music, e.g. by Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jean-Baptiste Lully, André Campra and many more. The program can be put together individually by the customer.



Different styles or music pieces of baroque music.



The Baroque Ensemble can be booked with different occupation sizes and in different variants. The musicians perform with original Baroque instruments such as lute and harpsichord.


Optionally, baroque walking acts or dancers in baroque costumes can be booked to match baroque themed evenings.




References of our Baroque Ensemble range from opera houses and theater stages to tours, festivals, city festivals, galas, award ceremonies and company celebrations.

Performance locations | Possible fields


Our Baroque Ensemble ensures unforgettable moments in many places, for example at galas, award ceremonies, balls, company celebrations and “Best of Austria” shows, which are particularly popular with tourists.

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