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Fanfare Trumpeters

Suitable for Austrian classical music evenings or award ceremonies, we provide fanfare trumpeters who perform in historical costumes and play on longer fanfare trumpets. These can play short fanfares as announcements of appearances, longer fanfares or entrance fanfares, on the one hand, and classical fanfare compositions from different centuries on the other



Fanfares of various types and durations: short performance jingles to longer classic fanfare compositions.



The size of the ensemble is adaptable by the customer and can include two, five or more fanfare players.




References from our Fanfare Trumpeters range from award ceremonies and galas to company celebrations and “Best of Austria” shows.

Performance locations | Possible flields


Our Fanfare Trumpeters support a wide variety of musical events, such as award ceremonies, galas, balls, company celebrations and “Best of Austria” shows, which are particularly popular with tourists.

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