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For events on a larger scale, we offer a wide variety of orchestras, consisting of highly professional and passionate musicians, who have a wide repertoire and design their programs according to customer requirements. The highlights are the musical works related to Austria and Vienna of the opera (e.g. Mozart), the Viennese waltz (e.g. Strauss), the Viennese song and the “Sound of Music” musical, which is particularly popular with tourists.



Classical, film music, crossover between modern and classical music, Austria and Vienna related classical works.



We offer orchestras of various sizes, from small salon orchestras to large 30-piece orchestras. Optionally, the orchestras can be combined with opera singers, ballet dancers or children's choirs.



References are various corporate events on a larger scale, galas and “Best of Austria” shows.

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The orchestras are provided in particular for events on a larger scale, for example for large corporate events, balls, galas and for the “Best of Austria” shows, which are particularly popular with tourists.

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